About Us

When established in 1983, the company vision was to bring the benefits of the latest manufacturing technology to the designer and architect. Over the past thirty plus years we have kept pace with all the innovations that taken place in the industry.

Today, we are able to produce machined pattern carpets that offer construction, design flexibility and performance options that in many ways equal or exceed that of woven carpets.

Talisman developed the first CAD system and sample machines capable of demonstrating the design capability of the “Graphics Tufting Machine.”


Design Options


Continued excitement is being generated over the ever-expanding capabilities of the unique Computer Yarn Placement manufacturing technology. We put both Duraweave and Colortec machines in service in 2003 and no other equipment has demonstrated the amazing design capability and flexibility of these machines. Whether its cut pile or a combination of cut and loop, corporate logos, corridor patterns, rug inserts or custom borders, all become an integral part of the carpet design with Duraweave or Colortec technology.

Duraweave’s unique ability to change from cut to loop with any of six colors for each individual tuft allows for complete design freedom. From large to intricate designs, you control color, color placement, and texture. Compare the value of our woven-like patterns and products to axminsters and wiltons.

The Colortec machine allows the use of up 8 yarn colors in all cut pile construction. Both machines are capable of pattern repeats as large as 15 feet wide by 45 feet long.

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Yarn System
Our experience has proven that solution dyed nylon, when paired with Duraweave or Colortec technology, provides the best performance and durability.


Interactive Carpet Design

We are now offering the design industry the ability to select and recolor any of the Graphic or Computer Yarn Placement patterns from our library in our Interactive Design Studio page on this site.

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Between the Graphics and Computer Yarn Placement categories we have loaded over 500 patterns that you can re-color on that page. You can review all of these patterns quickly on the “Our Products Page”. Then go to our “Interactive Design Studio Page” to locate the pattern or patterns you would like to change colors for. Once you have the desired color you can save a PDF file and forward it to us. At that point we will produce a custom sample for final approval. Samples can be completed in about 7 business days unless sample yarn must be ordered. In the event you want a totally custom pattern our designers will match anything submitted and produce a CAD for your review prior to sample production.



Talisman is committed to providing the highest quality custom carpets and we will continually work to deliver products and services that satisfy our client’s requirements.